We have migrated our web site to a new platform, so we have put together a list of simple question/answers to explain this transition and give you some pointers as we move into this new web site!

What's with the new web site, why?
We have been experiencing random and intermittent outages with our old provider, so we decided that it would be best to migrate to a different platform, a platform that not only offers more reliability and uptime, but that could also bring a better experience to our customers.

What is the deal with this new web site, what changed?
For the most part, only good changes! The new site is better, loads faster, has a better search function and many more features for you to enjoy including Apple Pay, Google Pay, SMS messaging, pre-order engine with backorder functionality, the list goes on and on. I have used every bit of my previous IT knowledge to try and bring you a better, more robust shopping experience, and I sincerely hope you enjoy it!

What do I need to do?
All you have to do is create a new account. If you have ordered from us in the past, your basic information including name, address and phone number has been migrated to the new system. However, due to the nature of password encryption we were unable to migrate your account fully, including your password. So you simply need to "Create an account", which will require you to enter your first, last name, email and a new password. If you use the same email address you had on our old web site, the system will recognize you and it will remember your billing/shipping address, phone number, and will even transfer any rewards points you had before.

What happened to my reward points?
All your rewards points have been moved, but you MUST register using the same email address you were using on our old web site. If you were using johndoe@yahoo.com and you register with johndoe@gmail.com, those rewards will not transfer. If you register with the correct email address, you'll see your rewards in the "BK Rewards" dashboard.

Why don't you have in-stock notifications and what happened to that?
Our new site requires a different type of code to make this functionality available. Even though we plan on adding this in the future, it is not available at this time. Rest assured that not only this will be added, but we're also investing in more inventory to ensure we have most items available at all times.

I can't access the new site and I am having problems!
DNS (Domain Name Server) is the system that points a domain name, i.e. abc.com to an IP address. Some Internet service providers "cache" their DNS system. This means that when you type bkhobbies.com into your web browser, your ISP might be taking you to our old IP address, which is tied to our old site. With this said, we have created a redirect there to move you to the new site's alternate domain name. If you're still having issues, simply clear your browser cache. On Google Chrome you can do this by "Clearing Browsing Data", it is best to "Clear Cookies", "Browsing history" and "Cached images and files".

Other than the above, keep in mind that this new web site will not carry your order history, but your rewards points have been migrated to it (as long as the new account you are creating matches the email address from your previous bkhobbies.com web site account). If you need help regarding a previous order including finding its tracking number, please contact us.