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Hello heli friends, as you might know, our beloved RC helicopter hobby has been on the decline, I believe this could be in part to the emergence of “drones”, but there might be other reasons as well. I have been in love with RC since the time I was a kid and I have devoted the last 10+ years of my life to RC helicopters, including everything from teaching newbies how to fly to helping develop products, to even making it my own livelihood and everyday job. I have breathed, slept and dreamt helicopters for years and it hurts me to see this decline, so for this reason I propose starting a new movement, #KeepRCHelisAlive !!! How? Simple, some of you saw that we attended a very large full scale air show in South Florida this past weekend, there were no ulterior motive for this, we simply did it to help promote the hobby! Let’s start promoting by engaging people, teaching new pilots, talking about helis and doing everything in our power to keep our RC helis alive! I am reaching out to everyone, pros, advanced, and beginners alike. If you have a passion for this great hobby and you don’t want to see it slip away, share it with people to spark their interest. We have developed a brand image and a hash tag for this movement, we encourage you to use it to help promote this movement. Tag your heli photos with #KeepRCHelisAlive, talk to people and share your passion at events that you attend, put the logo on your website. Do whatever you can to help spread the word.

Update 08-22-17
: Our old time friend Matt Botos, the owner and founder of Synergy Helicopters and Rail Blades has joined our movement. Welcome Matt and thank you so much for your support! This proves that our movement is not about a brand or an idea, it is about the hobby in general. We're proud to welcome Matt and keep RC helicopters alive and kicking!

Update 11-01-17: Jamie Robertson and Kyle Stacy from GAUI and BK Designs respectively are now endorsing our movement! Welcome guys and thanks for the support!

Update 02-05-18: Luca Invernizzi from Lynx is now endorsing the movement! Thank you Luca for your support!

Here you will find a downloadable folder which will contain different versions of the logo for your usage. Please use it however you see fit, and help #KeepRCHelisAlive. If you need alternate versions or file formats please email info@amplified.cc with #KeepRCHelisAlive as the subject.

DOWNLOAD FILES Shirts are now available. These shirts are not priced for profit, we just want to help continue to grow this movement. Get yours HERE.