Xnova USA!

BK Hobbies is very proud to announce Xnova Motors USA, a partnership between Xnova, Amain Hobbies and BK Hobbies!

Xnova USA is going to improve product supply as well as support making it easier than ever for dealers as well as consumers to purchase Xnova motors anywhere in the USA. With Amain Hobbies on the west coast and BK Hobbies on the east coast, everyone will be guaranteed fast and reliable service anywhere in the USA.

We are very excited about this new opportunity and look forward to working with Xnova as well as Amain to bring you the best motors money can buy!
We're adding more motors constantly and we have a huge order on the way to us, so please accept our apologies if your preferred motor is not in stock at this time, rest assured it will be very soon!