Welcome to our new site!
BK Hobbies is the retail division of BK Designs LLC. BK Hobbies' mission is to offer top notch brands with the best possible customer service in the industry. In addition to our proprietary brands; SAB, BK Servo, Switch Blades, Spartan, Xnova and StickMover, we also carry Mikado, Scorpion, HobbyWing and other premium RC helicopter products! Whether you are a hobby shop owner or an avid hobbyist interested in RC, we are here to serve your needs!

Our History

It all started with the development of a new servo product back in 2013 when Bert Kammerer, co-owner of the company was working for SAB Heli Division and helping develop and test the Goblin 500 helicopter. At that time the market was lacking a fast and powerful mid size servo, most servos were slow, lacked torque and centered poorly. After some research, Bert realized that there was just no way to have a fast, strong and accurate servo with such a small motor. The solution was to use a full size servo motor and fit it in a mid size servo case. The "BK Servo" mid size servo model DS-5001HV was born! After many years and a lot of other servos being developed, BK Servo has become one of the most popular servo brands in the industry.

A year later, Bert and his wife Suzi Kammerer were given exclusive distribution for Spartan RC in the Americas. Having two brands instead of one, Bert and Suzi decided to start an online store to offer their products to the RC community, at the time their business was called "BK Designs LLC" and therefore without any hesitation, they registered bkdesignsllc.com and opened a small and modest online store that offered BK Servo and Spartan products to dealers and consumers. Shortly thereafter Bert and Suzi developed a new product called Switch Rotorblades. Switch Rotorblades were based on a well proven NACA airfoil, the airfoil had been subjected to extensive testing and development. Switch Rotorblades are simply high performance blades with the stability and agility required for today's demanding pilot. The perform very well for all flying styles including 3D, sport and precision pilots alike and best of all, they're reasonably priced.

Fast forward to July 4, 2017 and BK Designs LLC opened SAB USA as a joint partnership with SAB, one of the leading manufacturers of RC Helicopters in the world. SAB USA was created to better manage the distribution and support of SAB products in the continental US, provide better dealer and customer support, MAP pricing enforcement, event attendance and promotion, team support and much more. The owners of SAB, Stefano Baiardi and Enrico Bernabei as well as Bert and Suzi Kammerer have had a long standing friendship as well as business relationship. Bert and Suzi worked for SAB in the past, Bert himself brings a world of knowledge about SAB products. He has not only worked for SAB in the past, but he has also been a factory pilot since the creation of the SAB Goblin line of helicopters. Suzi Kammerer was also an employee of SAB in the past working with dealers and distributors and brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in business finance and management within the hobby industry.

In early 2018, the BK Designs LLC has grown to be a very well known and respected company and has diversified to stocking other well known brands. The BK Designs team realized that it was time for a change, not only by increasing its product offering, but also by launching a new, easier to use, easier to remember and catchier web site and thus bkhobbies.com came to be on May 16, 2018.

BK Designs LLC comes from very humble beginnings and has grown thanks to our amazing customers, we owe it to all of you and rest assured that BK Hobbies will continue to lead the industry in customer service and support.

Our Team

Bert Kammerer (BK)
Bert handles all the operations, he oversees pretty much all the technical aspects of the business from warehouse software to purchasing to developing new products and making sure all new projects come to fruition. He is always grouchy and complains too much!

Suzi Kammerer (The Boss)
Suzi handles the business side of things. She is the bookkeeper and accountant and makes sure we don't run out money! She has her own private office because she refuses to hang with the boys.

Kyle Stacy (Cool Hands)
Kyle is in charge of all technical issues as well as of inventory and warehouse management; he works regularly on the web site making improvements and fixing issues. He loves his phone and could spend 18 hours a day playing with it. He also enjoys Sushi lunches with Bert.

Joe Muscarella (Mr. Graphics)
Joe handles all our marketing, including online and print media ads, social media, develops our web sites and more! Joe works remotely and enjoys being alone, but when he gets bored he calls us

James VanHook (Mr. Hook)
James is in charge of the BK Servo surface team, he spends all his time and money attending car races and loves helping his team members. James is a bit emotional and grouchy, but he is also very lovable.

Ron Corris Jr. (Uncle Ron)
Uncle Ron manages our teams, SAB USA, BK Servo and Switch Rotorblades. Ron is one of the nicest guys you will ever meet, if you are ever in need of a free helicopter, call Ron and he'll send it to you!